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I appologize for taking so long to get these images ready for the website. I usually have images on the website in less than a week. I have struggled with the files and with my tendency to want to edit each and every photo. The large number of photos just made this impossible. Every once in awhile I found my self trying to crop and edit and I just had to give that up. Just know that all ( or at least almost all) of the images will print with editing. There are 2 holes. One I am still working on - that is one group of Jackpot files. If and when I get the file together I will post and the first group of standard from Friday Ring 4. Technical problems made most of these images unprintable. If you ordered a CD and I can do some extreme photoshop magic, I will add the images to your file. I tell you this just so you will not spend time looking for images that are not there. Please be patient as I work my way through the CD orders and then start on the designs. I have been gathering images for these two tasks as I have worked my way through the files.


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